Supporting superbrands: the role of high-tech suppliers
A Pittards case study

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Page 9: Conclusion

Quality leather products provide comfort, and enable sports people and those who enjoy the outdoor life to better master the elements. Being able to use sophisticated gloves and footwear gives sports professionals (e.g. footballer's, racing drivers) a high level of control.

Today's sports and leisure industries generate vast revenues worldwide. These industries are characterised by highly competitive superbrands e.g. Nike, Adidas, Puma, Louis Vuitton. For the superbrands to be competitive they need to manufacture their products from the highest quality engineered materials. Pittards meets that need: the company is a vital business partner.

Not only sports people need high quality leather. Sophisticated leather products are found in a range of other consumer industries from hand luggage, to fashion gloves and watchstraps. High performance leathers therefore play a major role in the modern economy and in this industry Pittards is at the leading edge of research, development and delivery.

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