Supporting superbrands: the role of high-tech suppliers
A Pittards case study

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Pittards is a well established British company that operates three related divisions:

  • Glove Leather Division

Established in 1826 and situated in Yeovil, it produces glove leathers mainly from sheepskin and goatskin, including a range of leathers for dress, military and service gloves as well as ladies footwear.

  • Shoe and Leather Goods Division

Situated in Leeds, it makes leather for shoes and luxury leather goods mainly from UK cattle hides.

  • Raw Material Division

Situated in Langholm (Scotland), it processes Scottish sheepskins for use within the company and for sale to other non-company tanneries i.e. the factories that process leather. It trades as Booth International.

Pittards is one of the UK's top 100 exporters, and winners of the 2002 Trade Partners Exporter of The Year Award, exporting to over 30 countries. In addition it imports raw skins from 12 countries, including Ethiopia, Nigeria and the Sudan.

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