Staying ahead - embracing new technologies in a new digital world
A Polestar Group case study

Page 3: The importance of Research and Development

Research and Development (R&D) is a key element of many organisations and, when well planned and used, enables a business to generate increased wealth over a period of time.

For a company like Polestar, research involves investigating all the latest technologies that are relevant to the printing industry. Development is the process of trialling and applying relevant technologies. R&D has allowed Polestar to develop its leading position in the printing industry.

For example, as a result of its R&D work, Polestar:

  • introduced the first Colour Electronic Page Make Up in the UK (1980/81)
  • produced its first Postscript/Desk Top Publishing Magazine in the UK (1991)
  • carried out its first 100digital production (1995/96)
  • installed its first CTP system in the UK (1997/98).

R&D is essential to keep ahead of the field. For Polestar's business customers to lead their own fields they require excellence from their suppliers in every aspect of their business, including the most attractive images in magazines and brochures, produced as quickly as possible. Their preferred supplier will therefore always be the one that gives them the best products combined with personal service. Digital production means cleaner images reflecting quality and faster production.

Polestar Group | Staying ahead - embracing new technologies in a new digital world


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