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A Polestar Group case study

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Page 5: Training and development

Training is the process of building up the skills, knowledge and capabilities of employees so that they can better help the organisation to achieve its objectives. Development involves finding out the needs and aspirations of employees in order to better enable them to develop themselves within an organisation.

Training focuses on the objectives of the organisation. Development focuses on the objectives of the individual employee that can be honoured for the good of the group. A good programme will marry the two, to the benefit of the firm and the individual.

Polestar has therefore engaged in a training and development programme that encourages employees to link their own career aspirations, with the needs of the organisation. A typical Polestar employee is an innovative individual who finds the new technological developments exciting.

Initially, training for Polestar employees needed to take place with the manufacturers of the new systems that have been introduced: some CTP trainees went to Brussels, for example. Increasingly, with growing familiarity with the processes, employees are able to learn 'on the job' as well as on specially designed training courses offered 'in house'. In terms of employee development the rewards are high, as individuals learn new skills and work in a much cleaner, multi-skilled, more sophisticated printing industry.

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