Adding value through health and safety
A Portakabin case study

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Page 2: The importance of health and safety at work

Portakabin 17 Image 1Focusing on health and safety protects employees in every activity that they carry out. Health and safety also protects customers, the wider public as well as contractors working for a company.

Operating primarily in the European market, Portakabin needs to take account of both UK and European Union health and safety legislation. The construction industry has its own additional regulations covering aspects of design and management and safe working practices.

As the leading supplier of modular buildings in the UK, Portakabin has set itself the goal of being the best company in its industry in relation to health and safety. This includes setting standards for contractors (e.g. transport companies and suppliers of components). Portakabin takes its duty of care to employees, customers and visitors very seriously. Strict health and safety policies are in place at all company sites. Proven safety procedures, such as safe driving guidelines, are used when working on customer sites. These are issued to all employees to create benefits all round.

Portakabin has recently achieved OHSAS 18001 certification at its York manufacturing site. This is the internationally recognised British Standard for Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems. To achieve the certificate Portakabin was required to demonstrate that it complied with a specific set of criteria and standards.

Portakabin | Adding value through health and safety