Developing products and services to meet market demand
A Portakabin case study

Page 1: Introduction

Intelligent business organisations understand the 'fit' between their products and their markets. Over time, companies develop strengths that need to be developed in a positive way. They adapt what they do best to the changing requirements of the market place. This case study examines how Portakabin has developed new products in response to growth in its existing markets. In particular, it...
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Page 2: Product range and development

Portakabin produces a range of specially tailored products for different markets, including: Portakabin WardSpace - hospital wards Ultima - office buildings Lilliput - nursery schools. These buildings have attractive layouts, and good aesthetic qualities both internally and externally. They are also highly energy efficient, with positive impacts on the environment. The marketing...
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Page 3: External influences driving change and product development

We use the term 'strategic fit' to describe the relationship between an organisation and its environment. Strategic fit involves having the right sort of management (good at decision making) and the ability to recognise customer needs, the right resources (financial, human etc), appropriate technological capability (ability to work with new ideas and technologies), and the products that match...
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Page 4: Research and development

The environmental analysis revealed clear opportunities to develop Portakabin's product presence in healthcare, so the company carried out research to create a product carefully tailored to this market. This involved working with external experts who advised on health implications. To establish the required design, Portakabin's own architects also consulted with NHS Estates. Cost constraints...
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Page 5: Product deveopment

The Portakabin WardSpace design was developed quickly to meet the opportunity presented by the NHS plan. Many ideas were generated in order to come up with a winning concept. Portakabin was already producing a variety of modular buildings, and the opportunity was there to take the modular concept and turn it into a purpose-designed hospital ward - an attractive proposition. This would enable...
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Page 6: Conclusion

The Portakabin WardSpace building is a unique product as it offers a purpose-designed product for healthcare. It involved placing within an existing market, an exciting new product that is customised to provide high quality wards at affordable prices, fast. Portakabin is developing products targeted at bespoke markets where there are growth opportunities, for example Lilliput nurseries in...
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    This case study examines how Portakabin has developed new products in response to growth in its existing markets. In particular, it focuses on Portakabin WardSpace accommodation: an efficient way of meeting increasingly demanding and highly specific requirements of the healthcare industry.

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