How market research helps Portakabin to remain at the cutting edge
A Portakabin case study

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One aim of Portakabin is to maintain its position as the leading manufacturer of modular buildings in the UK. To achieve this Portakabin needs to deliver the right service and products to its customers. This requires that it is aware of the changing nature of its customers' needs and responds to them in a cost effective and innovative way.

Portakabin pays keen attention to creating new product ideas. This has helped it to meet its own high standards and to ensure that customers remain loyal. Using market research into the needs and profiles of their customers has proved successful. Portakabin uses research to understand the needs of its direct customers who buy its products. It regularly investigates the requirements of the end users of those products, the people who use or work in the buildings. As a result, sales of the new Portakabin Solus and Ultima Vision ranges continue to grow. Its buildings and solutions meet the ever-changing demands of business customers, their employees and their wider stakeholders. As a result it has maintained its position as market leader in the UK.

Portakabin | How market research helps Portakabin to remain at the cutting edge



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