How market research helps Portakabin to remain at the cutting edge
A Portakabin case study

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Page 2: Understanding the Portakabin market

Portakabin has a broad customer base with complex and diverse needs. Examples of its typical customers include:

  • growing businesses that do not want to relocate choose to add a Portakabin modular office to existing space
  • doctors' surgeries or childcare centres which need specialised features, such as easy-clean surfaces or child-level windows
  • schools that have a temporary growth in numbers or are in the process of having new buildings constructed. They need modular buildings to house students whilst such changes are taking place.

Whatever the reason, the accommodation Portakabin provides must be safe, comfortable and pleasant for people to use. Its products are flexible, attractive and provide solutions for all of its customers' needs. Businesses seeking to purchase or hire state-of-the-art modular buildings have several key requirements. The buildings must be:

  • quality products that will provide both employees and customers with a healthy and pleasing work environment
  • completed on time
  • within the designated budget.

The market for Portakabin

Portakabin operates in a very competitive market. In order to maintain its leading edge it must:

a) deliver exactly what existing customers want

b) ensure that when their needs change it will be able to provide them with a new solution

c) continue to attract new customers.

Portakabin adds value to the service it offers its customers by providing a 'one stop shop' service. This means it helps the customer to obtain planning permission and design the layout of the building. Portakabin advises customers on hiring the right furniture for the buildings. This furniture has to be suitable for the clients' needs and the building.

Adding value

Portakabin is aware that customers' needs will change as technology develops or their businesses grow or change direction. Portakabin also includes as part of this package extra business solutions. These include features such as climate control, fire and security systems. This extra support ensures that companies have complete peace of mind when hiring or buying a Portakabin building, with all these features and benefits available from the Portakabin network. It is essential that Portakabin carries out extensive market research continually. This ensures that it stays ahead of its competitors in developing new and innovative ideas.

Portakabin | How market research helps Portakabin to remain at the cutting edge