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Portakabin belongs to that select group of companies which have made such a mark that in popular speech its brand name is sometimes used (wrongly) for all the products of a particular industry. Such fame is a mixed blessing - there are some modular buildings and portable constructions on the market which Portakabin does not manufacture.

'Portakabin' is a registered trade mark and may be used only to describe buildings manufactured by Portakabin Limited. The company is protective of its mark and takes action against any infringement/misuse of the trade mark. This is mainly due to the need to protect it from becoming a generic term and the associated risk of the company losing exclusive rights to the use of the name, as happened to Aspirin and Escalator.

Portakabin provides quality modular factory-built accommodation. Its products include modular building systems, relocatable self-contained accommodation and also flat pack buildings to export worldwide. (For some buildings, there is a hire service for customers who prefer not to buy outright.)

The Portakabin Group also includes Yorkon Limited, a single source building service specialising in steel frame modular building systems for use within healthcare, education etc as well as general commercial use. The group also provides added-value services including climate control, office planning and furniture solutions.

Continuous research and development by Portakabin has enabled it to provide state-of-the-art building solutions and to establish market leadership across a range of product areas.

Portakabin | Responding to an Emerging Market


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