Achieving growth in a competitive marketplace
A Powergen case study

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Page 6: Conclusion

Powergen 3 Image 4The power industry has gone through a period of unprecedented change over recent years. PowerGen has had to think through much confusion, uncertainty and resistance in order to make key decisions which reflected its own circumstances. From the beginning it set out to be a quality, low cost producer which could bench-mark itself alongside the best in the world. Its strategies have been based upon:

  • customer focus
  • low-cost operations
  • the investment in cost-effective generation technologies
  • fuel diversity
  • effective project management
  • growth though new business development in the UK and other countries.

The process has enabled PowerGen to limit its loss of market share while at the same time maintaining its profitability in the increasingly competitive UK generation market. Therefore it has a range of businesses and opportunities which offer earnings growth for the future.

Powergen | Achieving growth in a competitive marketplace