Developing long-term customer relationships
A RM case study

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Page 5: Partnership support

R M 4 Image 5It was recognised that schools needed to involve the wider groups of stakeholders in the purchase of the RM Window Box. Teachers required good advice to be able to combine the demands of budgets, parents, governors and extra training for staff.

A key step in achieving this was the formation of the RM Window Box Partnership. RM’s Window Box Partnership runs in association with Local Education Authorities and Independent Training Centres. It is a nationwide network which provides local support and advice for primary school teachers using IT in the classroom. LEAs who sign up as Window Box Partners are able to provide a number of services to schools in their areas such as:

  • pre-sales experience - LEAs are supplied with products which advisors can demonstrate and discuss with teachers.
  • post-sales training - every RM Window Box arrives with a training voucher which can be ‘spent’ with the LEA, with RM reimbursing the authority.
  • continuing support – LEAs develop Window Box skills and experience that allow them to support schools.

RM Window Box Partners meet regularly to learn about new developments and, crucially, to work alongside RM. These meetings serve as professional development for the LEA personnel, give them an opportunity to meet peers from across the country and help contribute to the further development of the RM Window Box.

With this approach, schools receive the training they require, as well as the focused support and advice they need. LEAs are equipped to provide support for schools and receive the funding they require and RM is able to support the RM Window Box in a way which targets the needs of teachers.

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