Developing long-term customer relationships
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Page 3: Stakeholders within the market

R M 4 Image 3A number of people are involved in taking decisions about ICT needs and requirements in primary schools. Tight budgets and uncertainties about funding mean that schools have to think carefully about the short and long-term effects of any spending decision.

Research carried out by RM identified four groups of stakeholders (people who are affected by the purchasing decision):

  • The Head Teacher - with funding delegated to individual schools, each Head has the responsibility for ensuring that their school makes good decisions.
  • Classroom Teachers - day-to-day decisions about the use of information technology equipment are taken by teachers. The successful use of ICT within the school depends on the commitment and enthusiasm of classroom teachers.
  • Pupils - the users of ICT within the school are children. Products not only have to focus on their educational needs but must also meet the rigours of a busy classroom environment.
  • Local Education Authorities - provide advisory services for schools and help those responsible for making decisions to make the best judgements.

Other stakeholders who may use the equipment include office staff, parents and other groups in the local community with which the school may develop links.

The research by RM showed that for any product to do well in the primary sector, it would have to create a market proposition that would appeal to all of these stakeholders and, at the same time, deliver the core benefits of ICT education.

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