Corporate responsibility and stakeholders
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RELX Group is a leading provider of information solutions for professional customers across industries. The company helps scientists make new discoveries, lawyers win cases, doctors save lives, and executives forge commercial relationships with their clients. The company helps insurance groups offer customers lower prices by assessing risk better, and save taxpayers and consumers money by helping governments and financial groups detect fraud.

RELX Group has a worldwide customer base in more than 180 countries working in many fields, including science, research and the law, as well as in public and academic libraries and commercial organisations. This includes around 11 million scientists who access information directly from RELX Group’s Science Direct database – the world’s largest online library of full-text research papers. It has 28,200 employees in more than 250 locations in 34 countries around the world. Its annual revenues for 2014 were £5.77bn with 86% of revenue being generated from electronic or face-to-face formats.  

RELX Group was formed in 1993 when the businesses of the British publisher Reed International and the Dutch publisher Elsevier NV merged. The Reeds were Methodists and took a philanthropic approach to the business. This means that they applied the present-day idea of Corporate Responsibility (CR) within the company. They promoted health and safety for their workers and better standards of living.

RELX Group’s values guide its people toward providing the right products and services to enable the company to grow. RELX Group’s values also affect the strategies it develops for both internal and external stakeholders. It aims to respond to all their needs through innovative products and services.Reed Elsevier 18 Diagram 1

RELX Group is committed to using its extensive networks and expertise to facilitate the exchange and distribution of useful information. With a growing portfolio of environmental products and services, the RELX Group Environmental Challenge was launched to leverage internal expertise in support of innovative projects that provide sustainable access to safe water and improved sanitation where it is presently at risk. Applicants are offered access to relevant environmental products to help in the formulation of proposals. The winning project in 2015 was Alternative Indigenous Development Foundation (AIDFI) a Philippines-based social enterprise that provides reliable drinking water to upland rural areas using a unique hydraulic ram pump. Second prize was awarded to Salino, a project managed by Devlina Das of India’s VIT University, which will convert sea water into drinking water using a unique five-step method powered by solar energy.The RELX Group Environmental Challenge  is just one example of how the business benefits from meeting the needs of all of its stakeholders.

RELX Group | Corporate responsibility and stakeholders


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