Building a single brand
A Rexam case study

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Page 5: Culture

Rexam 7 Image 6The next task in building the single Rexam brand is to add to its power by developing an inclusive organisational culture; a culture to which everyone within the company can relate and which is perceived positively by people outside.

A unified graphic profile and a unified culture will combine to support a strong Rexam brand. The emphasis is not on imposing a new culture from outside but rather on building from within, using the best aspects of existing organisational cultures. This will then create a new integrated culture based on the Rexam brand. A global audit has been carried out to ascertain how Rexam employees feel about their workplace, and what types of behaviour and relationships they would like to see at work. From this, a detailed cultural programme will be developed, co-ordinated by a project manager and endorsed by the senior management team.

Training, videos, magazines, road shows and presentations will communicate this worldwide to help Rexam employees to understand what being part of the Rexam family is about. The company is convinced that the establishment of one, clear, unifying culture will support it in becoming the world’s No 1 consumer packaging organisation.

Rexam | Building a single brand