Building a single brand
A Rexam case study

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Page 1: Introduction

Rexam 7 Image 7We are all familiar with Coca-Cola, Nike, Heinz, Shell and many other strong global brands. But what is a brand? Someone once described brands as a form of shorthand which buyers make use of when trying to cope with choosing from among a vast and growing number of products that the market offers them. This does not mean that a brand is the same as a huge logotype, a bold trademark or a big advertising campaign. These elements form part of the brand but they are not the full story. Rather, the brand encompasses all the emotions, associations, perceptions and expectations that a logotype, trademark or campaign evokes.
A company’s brand, whether it likes it or not, is what consumers individually and collectively perceive it to be. It is everything that a buyer knows, feels and says about that company – true or false, good or bad. Ultimately, the brand resides in the mind of the buyer, not in the company or its products. That is why brands, like products, have to be engineered, developed and nurtured. Brand building can be regarded as the development of the intangible part of the product. Helping to build a brand is part of every employee’s job, whether they are in research, management, sales or manufacturing, because all aspects of what a company does, and how it does it, influence its reputation, the market’s perception of the company, and ultimately the brand itself.

This case study shows how Rexam is working to build its brand.

Rexam | Building a single brand