The new world of Rexam
A Rexam case study

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We are surrounded by brand images. Coca-Cola, Nike and Shell are all strong brands backed by corporate names that we are all familiar with. This case study shows how one of the world’s major consumer packaging companies, Rexam, is seeking to build its brand.

To survive and prosper most large businesses have to develop a strong global presence. As a result, many of the world’s major businesses are merging or forming strategic alliances enabling them to cover the globe. This case study outlines how one of the world’s leading consumer packaging companies is following a single brand strategy in order to consolidate its position as a global force.

Following the takeover of American National Can (ANC), Rexam has become the world’s leading beverage can maker. It is also the fifth largest consumer packaging company in the world making a wide range of products from lipstick cases to margarine tubs.

Rexam’s ambition is to be one of the strongest names and a leader in consumer packaging world wide. In this type of business size does matter. Rexam’s customers are joining forces and getting bigger and stronger. Suppliers are acting in the same way. As Rexam’s customers become increasingly global, they want their suppliers to support them in their new markets. It is more effective to build on an existing relationship with a tried and trusted supplier than to start afresh each time.

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