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Page 5: Churchwood quarry

Rmc 2 Image 6Churchwood Quarry was an active limestone quarry covering an area of 37 hectares. A new processing plant was under construction and the old plant, which occupied a prominent point at the south western end of the quarry, would be removed thus releasing a worked out area suitable for landfill.

The old quarry would be progressively filled with industrial, commercial and domestic waste over a period of 20 years, at an average annual rate of input of 300,000 tonnes. Around 90-95 vehicles per day would visit the site using a new access to the north of the existing one. To maximise the potential void, a total of 1.5 million tonnes of limestone would be extracted. There was a need for such a facility in Avon to take commercial and industrial waste because, at the time of the application, there were only 8 sites available, none of which had a life of more than 2 years.

The environmental effects of the development can be reviewed as follows:

  • Hydrogeology - Development of the landfill site as designed would have no adverse impact on the local hydrogeological regime. However, detailed measures to eliminate and control potential discharges from the site were recognised as being a component of the project.
  • Landfill gas - Breakdown of organic matter in a landfill site produces gas. To solve this problem a gas extraction system would be installed, which, when the gas reached a certain volume, consideration would be given to using it for energy generation.
  • Leachate - Degradable waste and the permeation of water through it gives rise to leachate. This would be collected, pumped out, treated and if necessary, disposed of.
  • Restoration - Completion of landfill operation would enable the re-creation of the original ridge line, with the restoration of the former quarry fitting in with the surrounding contours. A network of fields separated by hedgerows would enhance the visual effect.
  • Other issues, such as windblown litter, possible infestation by rats and flies, odour etc, would all be managed and dealt with in an appropriate way.

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