Business activities and care for the environment
A RMC case study

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Page 6: Conclusion

The three case studies show how the company is engaged in quarrying within the planning framework set by government. Quarrying in all its many manifestations is a complex business and has many considerations to take into account from the visual aspects, noise, drainage and extra traffic through to the restoration of the site and the uses made of it thereafter. The response of the company to the demands of the government road building plans of the late 80s, was to identify sources of new materials within an approach that reduced the environmental impact. Calls for the more efficient use of aggregate resources, including the recycling of construction materials, together with other changes affecting the demand for aggregates, will continue to mould the development of the company’s operations.

As indicated in the introduction, a well managed company needs to respond to increasing concerns for the environment; indeed such concerns have already influenced the reduction in the road programme. Environmental considerations naturally affect the demand for RMC’s products through their impact on the company’s principal customers - local and national government through the road building programme - and those affected by quarrying operations. Nevertheless, there will be a continuing demand by society to see improved living standards and a well maintained built environment. The supply of aggregates under these circumstances will require a properly balanced approach, taking into account all relevant factors.

The quarrying operations, as well as dealing with the changes in demand as environmental considerations become more prominent, are key influences on RMC’s business. The ability of managers to deal with these are the guarantee of a successful business future for the company.

RMC | Business activities and care for the environment