Business activities and care for the environment
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Page 4: Roan edge quarry

Rmc 2 Image 5To meet an established need for high quality roadstone, in 1989, the company undertook an extensive investigation of areas with suitable geology in Cumbria. The aim was to define a site with a large mineral resource which was remote from populated areas and would cause minimum disturbance to the environment. The site at Roan Edge met the criteria. The application was for the extraction of 6.9 million tonnes of Silurian Gritstone from an area of 13.4 hectares, with the total size of the site being 28.6 hectares. The period of quarrying would be 28 years.

The products from the quarry would be used to supply the demands of the road construction market, reinforced by the government White Paper on “Roads for Prosperity” of May 1989 which announced greater expenditure on roads over the next decade. The quarry itself would be well concealed within the landscape and on completion of quarrying all plant and machinery would be removed and the site restored by a combination of respreading of overburden and soils, seeding and tree planting. Permission for the development was granted in 1991, subject to the company undertaking to meet certain conditions which, amongst others, included progressive landscaping, safeguarding of water courses and drainage and control of noise, dust and blasting.

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