Developing a communications strategy
A Roche case study

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Page 4: A strategy for communication

Roche 6 Image 5Once these communications objectives were established, Roche had to develop a strategy to achieve them. The first step was to involve and generate enthusiasm among all its employees. There is limited integration between the various sites so the company established project teams that encouraged cross-divisional co-operation.

Representatives on the project teams contributed different types of expertise, such as research and development, production and marketing. They were responsible for involving all the staff from their division, collecting ideas and input and representing these at the project team meetings. Progress was then reported back to the various sites.

The Dome project encouraged staff to work together and helped to build a sense of corporate, rather than divisional or site, identity. As a result of this input, Roche has provided equipment, advice and expertise on many of the topics included in the Body Zone to supplement its financial sponsorship.

Site briefings, videos, competitions, team challenge events, balloon races and coach trips to the Dome raised awareness of the project internally. Project members also produced a Countdown 2000 newsletter, wrote articles for the Roche Leader (the in-house magazine) and used the company intranet and notice boards to inform all employees about its progress.

Roche | Developing a communications strategy