Developing a communications strategy
A Roche case study

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Page 5: The benefits of the Dome project

Roche 6 Image 6Roche’s involvement in the Millennium Dome project has had numerous, and sometimes unexpected, benefits. Co-operation across divisions opened up lines of informal communication, which will prove useful in the future. For example, a visit to the Dome by all senior secretaries in the company enabled many of them to meet face-to-face for the first time. The workforce gained much better knowledge about the activities of the different divisions. Employees have become more focused on corporate objectives and how their own divisions fit into the overall picture. This has proved to be a tremendous motivator.

For Roche, the improvement in motivation may prove the most important benefit of the Body Zone project. A sense of belonging and ability to identify with the corporate and divisional objectives could improve productivity in all the divisions. Roche has recognised the need to continue this level of interaction in the future.

Roche’s involvement in the Dome has also brought a number of business benefits. Working in close partnership with Boots the Chemists and other suppliers in the development of the Body Zone created a network of valuable contacts.

As a direct result of meetings about the development of the project, the company has developed new communication routes into Boots the Chemists for its diagnostic products and vitamins. Roche has made important contacts with key customers and opinion leaders. Although such benefits may not be immediately obvious, they will become more apparent in the long term.

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