Building sound customer relationships
A Royal & Sunalliance case study

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Page 6: Conclusion

Royal Sunalliance 7 Image 6Energy required Royal & SunAlliance to re-organise its business and implement a fundamental change in approach in terms of customer segmentation and customer relationship management.  It has helped the business to focus on the relationship between insurer, broker and client with a view to providing solutions to the increasingly varied business needs of customers.  The proposition is as individual as the relationship with each broker.  In the present market, service delivery forms a vital element and is a key differentiator between suppliers. By helping brokers to grow their business, Royal & SunAlliance is sharing in their long term success.

Energy has already delivered clear positive results for both brokers and Royal & SunAlliance.  A regular programme of Energy broker feedback allows Royal & SunAlliance to constantly review and update improvements to the relationship.

Royal & Sunalliance | Building sound customer relationships