Creating and managing a unique sponsorship
A Royal & Sunalliance case study

Page 1: Introduction

Royal Sunalliance 3 Image 1On 18th March 1997 Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance Group plc announced that it was to sponsor Tracy Edwards MBE and an all women crew of nine in a unique series of daring yachting challenges. The gruelling series of record attempts will push the boat and crew to the limits of physical endurance.

Over recent years corporate sponsorship has become increasingly important as a way of both raising company profiles and injecting funds into various sporting and charitable causes.

The most common form of sponsorship involves the donation of money or materials to a specific cause with the sponsoring company being given credit for their contribution. Sporting sponsorships often involve only one company on an exclusive basis, e.g. the Cornhill Test in cricket, while charity sponsorships more often involve donations from a large number of companies all of whom receive acknowledgement in the charity’s literature and accounts. This particular case study is based upon a sporting sponsorship - Royal & SunAlliance’s sponsorship of Tracy Edwards MBE and her crew as they pursue three yachting world records on board Royal & SunAlliance - a 92 foot catamaran.

Royal & Sunalliance | Creating and managing a unique sponsorship


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