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A Safeway case study

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Page 3: The customer offer

The Safeway customer offer is now aimed directly at family shoppers. This offer has two major elements – getting the basics right every time and making shopping more convenient and extra special. Both elements are crystallised in Safeway’s strapline - “lightening the load”.

“Getting the basics right everytime” means:

  • offering excellent value
  • providing helpful, friendly service
  • making sure products are in stock
  • offering a wide choice of products and services
  • ensuring Safeway’s products are fresh and of the highest quality
  • making things easy to find
  • keeping the stores clean.

“Making shopping more convenient and extra special” means:

  • helping to take the stress and effort out of shopping.
  • reducing the time it takes.
  • delighting customers with specially targeted products and services.
  • finding new ways to be pleasantly surprising.

Delivering the offer. Getting the basics right has resulted in:

  • Safeway 3 Image 3A substantial investment in improving Safeway’s value for money perception. An economy-priced range of commodity food lines, ‘Safeway Savers’, was launched covering over 100 products. Several new Safeway-branded products (for example, Select Cola, Oracle dental care and Vecta household cleaners) have also been launched, offering better value than the relevant brand leader. Loyalty cardholders with a child under the age of one can now get 10% off their shopping at Safeway. In addition, Safeway has recently introduced a £20 million Price Protected campaign – if customers buy a comparable product cheaper at a major competitor within three miles, Safeway will give it to them for free. Price Protected covers over 650 of the most popular everyday products at Safeway.
  • A review of the entire product range to eliminate marginal performers and focus on giving the target customers better value.
  • A sustained effort to communicate the offer to customers more effectively, both through Safeway’s award-winning ‘Molly’ advertising campaign and by better point of sale material. The advertising campaign, featuring a small girl called Molly (and more recently her baby brother Joe) has been and remains a particularly powerful form of communicating the Safeway emphasis on families to its target customers. The campaign has achieved levels of recall which arguably make it the most effective ever seen in the retail sector. A goal of making shopping more convenient and extra special is being achieved by several innovations:
  • Providing crèches in store where mothers can leave their children in professional care while they do their shopping.
  • Launching the Safeway loyalty (or ‘ABC’) card, which enables customers to accumulate points and then gives them a choice between straight cash savings or a range of other, attractive products and services. With around 6.5 million card-holders, Safeway now has a powerful database which will enable the company to target individual customers with product and service offers which are likely to be of interest to them. As an extension of ABC, Safeway has also teamed up with Abbey National to offer the ABC Bonus Account, a debit account designed to take the hassle out of household budgeting. Customers can use the ABC Bonus Card to pay for their shopping at Safeway and 70,000 other stores across the UK.
  • Pioneering time-saving technology such as ‘Shop & Go’, a field in which Safeway is the world leader. The system greatly reduces time spent in queuing at check outs by avoiding the need for unpacking and repacking purchases. By the end of this year, 165 Safeway superstores will be equipped with ‘Shop & Go’. Safeway customers can also pay for their shopping at Easy Pay terminals, avoiding the traditional checkout altogether. In addition, Safeway is trialling an information kiosk that can interact with customers.
  • Extending the own-brand product range to include children’s clothes and babywear.

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