Managing workforce requirements
A ScottishPower case study

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Page 4: Attracting people

Attracting employees involves:

  • influencing new people to take an interest in and apply for jobs with a company
  • encouraging existing employees to build their careers with a company. ScottishPower attracts workers in a number of ways such as through the company careers website, using recruitment agencies, online job sites, local and national media and university and school career services. In particular, it looks to improve information about opportunities for students.

A key challenge is to show that an engineering career is an exciting prospect for a young person.

ScottishPower”s publicity materials focus on the range of modern industry opportunities provided. It shows how its work involves exciting new technologies in leading-edge renewable energy generation, emphasising various opportunities to earn and learn.

Training programmes

ScottishPower actively engages with potential and actual employees by delivering vocational and training programmes. It has well-established post-16 career pathways in the form of:

  • Apprenticeships
  • Adult up-skilling initiatives
  • Engineering foundation programmes
  • Graduate development schemes.


The company has also developed a range of partnerships with schools and other stakeholders involved with the pre- and post-16 age groups. These aim to promote the sector and the ScottishPower brand by means of a diverse range of unique and innovative programmes.

These allow ScottishPower to increase its regional talent pools and develop new recruitment streams for apprenticeships and graduate programmes.

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