Recruitment and selection in the energy industry
A ScottishPower case study

Page 1: Introduction

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Businesses need to recruit and select the best people. This helps them achieve their aims and objectives. This is particularly relevant in the fast-moving energy industry that plays such a significant role in powering the UK. ScottishPower, which is part of the wider Iberdrola Group, is a leading international energy company. It focuses on three key areas: growth, safety and service. There...
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Page 2: The role of Human Resource Management

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People are one of the most important resources used by any organisation. ScottishPower recognises that it is 'powered by people'. Human Resource Management (HRM) is concerned with organising and looking after people in the workplace. On a day-to-day basis this includes recruitment, selection, training and development and assessing staff performance. An important part of HRM is workforce...
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Page 3: Recruitment

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Recruitment into ScottishPower takes place at a number of entry levels. Two of the most important of these are at the apprentice level and at that of graduate trainee. Since the 1990s, recruitment activity for large companies often takes place online. In addition, specific jobs may be advertised in the local or national press. The ScottishPower website provides a wealth of detail about the...
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Page 4: Skills and competencies

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ScottishPower states that 'at the heart of all business visions and activities it is the people whose individual efforts and performance make it happen. ' Its people need to have the necessary skills and competencies in order to carry out their roles effectively. ScottishPower has developed a competency framework. This sets out what behaviours employees need to have to perform job-related...
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Page 5: Selection

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The selection process involves identifying talented individuals. The company particularly requires individuals with a business or engineering background. The diagram shows the typical steps in the selection process. The process of selection gives candidates different ways of presenting themselves to best advantage. A clear and compelling application form showing what a candidate has achieved...
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Page 6: Conclusion

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ScottishPower employees may join the company at a number of levels including Apprentice and Graduate Trainee.Determining how many people and what skills the business needs is a key element of workforce planning. Getting the right people to apply so that ScottishPower can select the best applicants requires a structured approach to recruitment and selection.Detailed job descriptions and person...
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