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Page 4: Skills and competencies

ScottishPower states that 'at the heart of all business visions and activities it is the people whose individual efforts and performance make it happen. '

Its people need to have the necessary skills and competencies in order to carry out their roles effectively.

ScottishPower has developed a competency framework. This sets out what behaviours employees need to have to perform job-related tasks. There are three main areas of competency which reflect the key skills ScottishPower employees must have:

  1. Planning for the Future - includes Strategy, Change Orientation, Innovation and Creativity
  2. Delivering for the Customer - includes Customer Focus, Delivering Results, Analysis and Decision Making
  3. Working with Others - includes Communication, Leadership, Building Relationships.

The competency framework enables ScottishPower to set out the abilities that are required to do certain jobs.

For example, in relation to 'Working with Others' the competency framework is set out as follows:

This framework can also be used as part of ongoing performance reviews to measure how well a person is performing in a particular job.

The competencies are set at three levels according to the level of responsibility an individual has. This is illustrated by taking the example of the different levels an employee will achieve for 'Customer Focus'.

When recruiting new employees ScottishPower sets out its skills requirements in two key documents. Together the person specification and the job description should contain enough information to attract appropriate people. Candidates are able to match their own skills and qualifications to what is specified. These documents also act as a checking device for the business, enabling recruiters to make sure that applicants with the right skills are chosen for interview.

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