Balancing stakeholder needs
A Shell case study

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Page 3: External stakeholders - customers and communities

External stakeholders are not part of the business but have a keen interest in what it does and may influence Shell's decision-making. Shell is committed to satisfying the needs of its external stakeholders.


Without customers a business would not exist. One of Shell's major objectives therefore is: 'To win and maintain customers by developing and providing products and services which offer value in terms of price, quality, safety and environmental impact, which are supported by technological, environmental and commercial expertise.'

Achieving this objective is challenging. Customers want value for money which involves providing the highest quality fuels at competitive prices. Research drives this process.

Safety and environmental impact are key ingredients of the research and development process. Increasingly customers, concerned about pollution and environmental damage, require cleaner, more efficient fuels such as biofuel. There is global interest in liquid biofuels for transport as people travel more. Biofuels also offer the potential to slow the rate of growth in the world's CO2 emissions.

Shell responds to changes in customer views and seeks to anticipate future customer expectations. It aims to help customers use less energy and emit less CO2. Shell products include fuels and lubricants for all forms of transport such as cars, ships, aeroplanes and trains. Shell has a set of global environmental standards/expectations for all of its companies. These include: managing greenhouse gases, energy efficiency, control of waste and the impact on water.

Local communities

Shell's oil and gas operations aim to create economic and social development while minimising negative impacts. It seeks to invest in lasting benefits for the community.

Local communities living close to oil refineries have raised concerns over their safety. Shell seeks to overcome these fears and earn the trust of people by taking all the necessary safety measures. This includes operating the plant safely and making people aware of plans and emergency procedures.

Shell, in its commitment to improve the wellbeing of local communities, has created local partnerships. It has provided health facilities and supported the development of local schools and universities.

One of Shell's initiatives is Shell LiveWire - an online community for young entrepreneurs wanting to start a business.  It provides information and resources (such as free guides) to help young people turn ideas into business reality.

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