Creating a high performance culture
A Siemens case study

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Page 4: Creating a high performance culture

Siemens' operations are based on a teamwork culture. This emphasis on the team is set out clearly in a quote from the global Chief Executive Officer of Siemens, Klaus Kleinfeld:

'Many times in my life I have seen how one individual can make a big difference, particularly when working in a great team. The quality of our people and of our teams is our most valuable resource, particularly in today's changing world where knowledge flows round the globe with lightning speed and is easily available.'

Siemens wants all of its employees to be truly involved in the business and to feel part of its success. Employees therefore need to know how they fit into the business. With this in mind Siemens establishes clear expectations.

Team and individual targets

targetsTargets for individuals are related to targets for the whole business. Everyone plays their part in achieving great results.

Siemens states that 'our business success depends on the performance of each individual, our teams and the total organisation'.

team perfomanceA high performance team is one in which all members of the team work towards shared targets and have a sense of shared responsibility for the results the team achieves. As the team performance improves over time, the better the results.

People Excellence

People Excellence is the part of Siemens' global action plan concerned with human resource development. It consists of four main elements:

  1. achieving a high performance culture
  2. increasing the global talent pool
  3. strengthening expert careers
  4. Siemens' Leadership Excellence Programme(SLE).

The high performance culture is the way of working at Siemens and it involves everyone. The global talent pool is made up of all Siemens' employees. Within Siemens everyone has the opportunity to develop their own specialisms and to acquire further expertise. The SLE provides the highest calibre leadership and management training.

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