Creating a high performance culture
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Page 5: Talent management - managing people

People Excellence involves developing everybody that works for your organisation not just the high-fliers.

Siemens' talent management philosophy involves making sure that every employee is provided with the guidance and support to achieve their full potential. This aids them to do their best, every day.


Everyone works together to achieve the organisation's objectives as well as meeting their own personal goals. Everyone shares the same vision and dreams. Within this culture they are able to progress and take on greater responsibility within the company.


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Talent Managment

Everyone has talent. For Siemens, matching talent with tasks produces competitive advantage.

Each individual at Siemens can make best use of their talents, whatever they may be. Talent Management enables both:

  • job enrichment, where individuals are encouraged to take on extra tasks and
  • responsibilities within an existing job role to make work more rewarding and
  • job enlargement, where the scope of the existing job is extended to give a broader range of responsibility, plus extra knowledge and skills development.

Talent Management is a global philosophy that is a key part of supporting each of the elements of the Siemens' business strategy. Talent Management enables Siemens' managers to engage and motivate employees throughout the organisation.

The benefits of talent management

By applying talent management to all staff:

  • all customer-facing staff are engaged, so all customers benefit
  • everyone has the opportunity and choices to achieve their full potential
  • the pipeline of highfliers is sustained.

Performance management

targts prioritiySiemens has created a standard process for managing the performance and development of all employees. This is referred to as the Performance Management Process.

The process creates a direct link between the strategy of the whole organisation and plans for each individual. Every individual is given targets based on their role and responsibility within the organisation. It is through meeting personal targets that the individual is best able to help the organisation to achieve its targets.

Performance management is a systematic process that creates trust and open communication by:

  • setting objectives
  • monitoring progress made
  • creating an ongoing dialogue between each team member and his/her manager
  • enabling forthright discussion.

Performance management in Siemens is the engine that drives Talent Management. It is the cornerstone of its high performance culture. When carried out in a consistent way, this system makes sure that everyone is told honestly about their performance.

Employees are clear about the impact of their performance and what the consequences are for their development. Everyone within the organisation is pulling together to achieve the business strategy.

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