Meeting global and local needs
A Siemens case study

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Page 6: Conclusion

Siemens imageSiemens' aim is to be profitable. It seeks to be a global leader in electronics and electrical engineering. Because of this, it works within a huge range of industrial sectors. All over the world, electrical equipment controlled by Siemens electronic systems is in use.

In the UK, Siemens provides the full spectrum of products and services and, in terms of its turnover, the UK is the third biggest market in the world for Siemens. The company structure is such that it can look after local interests whilst drawing on global resources.

Although the global Siemens HQ is based in Germany, Siemens in the UK is responsible for looking after the UK market. Local management is empowered to create relationships with customers.

Company culture encourages new and better methods of meeting local needs.

Siemens continually acquires new businesses to offer what its customers need, which is increasingly end-to-end integrated solutions that allow them to concentrate on their core business. Siemens both in the UK and globally is a dynamic and responsive business.

Siemens | Meeting global and local needs