Meeting global and local needs
A Siemens case study

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Page 5: Siemens in action

Siemens imageSiemens in the UK designs and makes super-conducting magnets for body scanners worldwide and more than a third of all MRI scanners in hospitals have a Siemens magnet at their heart. These are made in the UK.

Variable speed drives; industrial gas turbines; motor parts and rail communication systems are UK-produced. These are for the world market. Siemens traffic management systems manufactured in the UK are exported to places as far afield as China, Malaysia, Bahrain and Brazil. In 2005, exports of manufactured goods totalled £500.4 million and accounted for 16% of sales.

However, for Siemens in the UK the trend towards service provision seems unstoppable, because this is what customers want. It is easier to differentiate services than products because many products can become commodities.

The UK National Health Service (NHS) is Europe's largest organisation. Using private sector specialists, NHS Hospital Trusts in the UK are modernising healthcare.

Siemens is working with NHS Trusts and other partners to create brand new hospitals. In Barnet and Chase NHS Trust, it has embraced a 33-year Private Finance Initiative (PFI). The company is providing Accident & Emergency units, medical equipment, communications, intensive therapy units and several operating theatres.

Within these facilities, Siemens is creating hospital IT and energy management systems. These systems can integrate patient records with an electronic picture archive. This helps to improve hospital efficiency at every level. This saves lives and makes clinical decisions easier.

To raise standards of service, Siemens employs on-site contract managers to look after customer relationships and technology. This means that each customer's requirements are unique. There is not an off-the-shelf solution for all. There is an individual response to need, based on detailed interaction with a customer.

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