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Page 3: Decentralising a business

There are many issues associated with decentralising a business. These include:

  • Maintaining lines of communication: The structure must continue to provide information Singapore Airlines 7 Image 4 for employees so that, even though they work for just one unit, they know how other parts of the enterprise are working to serve the customer.
  • Staff motivation: The structure must provide job satisfaction and be capable of motivating all employees, whatever their job.
  • Achieving Goals: Employees need to know the goals set for them.
  • Thinking globally whilst acting locally: Employees need to respond positively to local needs whilst remaining conscious of the global nature and standard requirements of the Group’s activity.

In developing its organisational structure, Singapore Airlines has put these considerations at the forefront of its thinking, placing an emphasis on empowering individuals to make decisions. This enables employees to make decisions which allow them to respond to changing conditions more effectively.

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