Building brand equity
A Skoda case study

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Skoda 3 Image 4People perceive a brand’s values and evaluate them either positively or negatively. A well-positioned positive image helps to establish a strong position enabling the brand to differentiate itself from competitors and improve its performance in the marketplace.

Skoda’s advertising campaign portrayed the positive changes which have taken place in the company and in the cars. The partnership with Volkswagen was also emphasised. Over a short period of time, research revealed that perceptions of the marque were changing. Skoda’s image across a range of areas received rapidly improved ratings.

Previously, the stereotype of a Skoda owner was predominantly male and retired. This is no longer the case. Changes in the brand image and positioning have attracted individuals from other segments of the market including:

  • affluent retired people
  • independent working mothers
  • non-working women/mothers
  • married working women
  • younger family men.

This has led to large increases in sales in the UK and world-wide.

Skoda | Building brand equity


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