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A Sky case study

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Page 4: Visual branding

To support the shared ambition Sky also has to look consistent wherever customers come across it – whether in print, on screen, on a van, or anywhere else. This consistency in appearance helps build consumer recognition of the company and helps to build a demand for the company and its products.


Sky 6 Image 1The most visible part of this branding is the Sky logo, which is used to represent the whole business and is used on most material. This logo is often supported by a descriptor – a short statement for customers that describes Sky’s offer in more detail. This is ‘a digital vision for everyone’.  To help people apply the logo consistently Sky has established detailed rules about its use. These include guidelines on the colours in which it can be used, the sizes and the minimum areas that should be left around it to ensure that it always stands out.

But Sky is a complex company – largely because it offers such a wide variety of content and commerce services across multiple devices including interactive TV, mobile internet, ADSL (asymmetric digital subscriber line) and the web. There are physical things like the dish and digibox. There are services – such as the subscription for Sky channels, or the installation service. And there’s the content – channels like Sky Sports 1, Sky One and Sky MovieMax.

Products and services use the Sky brand, but channels have their own look and feel. This is because channel brands need to appeal to specific audiences –the sports fanatic, the classic movie buff, the 30-somethings. They also appear on competitor platforms, where overt Sky branding may not be appropriate. These brands are used on screen and when communicating about a specific channel. The creation of brands such as these is strictly controlled, as too many brands will only confuse the customer and weaken the recognition of Sky itself.

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