Creating consumer demand for Sky TV through sports
A Sky case study

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Page 3: Marketing obectives

BSkyB Ltd has three main marketing objectives. These are to:

  1. Drive new subscriptions – targeting the ‘undished’ i.e. gain as many new subscribers as possible.
  2. Manage the existing subscriber base. This involves maintaining the loyalty of existing customers by: a. reducing the churn rate i.e. the number of people cancelling ongoing subscriptions. b. maximising the number of upgrades i.e. the purchase of more channels by existing subscribers e.g. encouraging people to upgrade from the basic package to sports or movies. c. adding value for subscribers by giving them a better service (e.g. by offering them a high quality Sky TV guide).
  3. Develop the Sky brand i.e. building a positive brand image in consumers’ minds.

Sky’s brand values

BSkyB’s offer to consumers is quite different from those of terrestrial broadcasters such as the BBC and ITV. BSkyB Ltd gives consumers the chance to create their own entertainment menu because of the wider choice of channels and programmes available from the same broadcaster.

The Sky TV brand:

  • offers viewers a new category of television - the freedom to choose what they want and when they want to watch it - sports, movies, news, children’s programmes.
  • provides exclusive events, new channels, new initiatives, (e.g. Pay Per View/Interactive TV).
  • is positioned as exclusive, dynamic and innovative.
  • has developed a strong and consistent image via a confident, bold and upbeat tone of voice.

Sky | Creating consumer demand for Sky TV through sports