Sky and the digital revolution
A Sky case study

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Page 3: New equipment

Sky 4 Image 1tvLINK
The tvLINK, about the size of a matchbox, is a new optional feature which, when connected to the Digibox, allows the viewer to watch the same digital channel in more than one room, or watch a digital satellite channel in one room while someone else watches terrestrial TV in another.

Digibox (or set-top box)
The Digibox is made to a high specification technical brief by four well-known suppliers. (Already, Sky has placed orders in this country for up to a million boxes!) It comes in four distinctive individual design styles and, as new software can be downloaded by satellite, new features may be added as and when developed – the ultimate in ‘future-proofing’!

The Digital MiniDish
The Digital MiniDish is about half the size of the current Sky dish, with a contemporary design and advanced technology to provide improved reception.

Remote control
A single remote will control all Digiboxes plus most TVs. The user-friendly remote has been ergonomically designed with a colour-coded layout and special cursor control. It is equally friendly to both left and right-handers.

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