Social marketing in the new millennium
A Sky case study

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Page 5: Creating an integrated campaign

Sky 5 Image 5Sky designed the Reach For The Sky initiative as an integrated media campaign, offering teenagers throughout the country the opportunity to recognise their hidden talents and see how they can be applied to a diverse range of career choices in the new millennium.

The Reach For The Sky programme consists of the following components:

  1. A series of inspirational television announcements, featuring teenagers facing up to their futures, is being broadcast across all of Sky Television’s channels to over 14 million viewers. The announcements display a freephone hotline number which teenagers, parents and friends can call to order the free Reach For The Sky magazine.
  2. Half a million copies of a 64 page youth magazine are available through various outlets and via a free phone number. The Reach For The Sky magazine includes a self awareness questionnaire designed to help young people recognise their hidden talents. The magazine is full of honest advice, hot tips and job profiles. It has been developed with the help of young people to offer information and ideas for future career choices, including courses they should pursue to meet their goals.
  3. For even more up-to-date information, young people can log on to the teen website at The site contains job profiles and the chance for teenagers to receive straight talking advice on their futures from the ‘Agony Aunt Panel’. The website is also hotlinked to other relevant information sites and its bulletin board offers young people the opportunity to swap advice and tips with others who have similar future aspirations.
  4. Commencing in 2000, the Reach For The Sky Awards offer young people from across the UK the chance to participate in hands-on career development workshops. There are six awards in total, each focusing on a different area of interest: journalism, science & technology, environment, music and entertainment, sport and community. Each of the awards is being developed by Sky Television in conjunction with experts in the relevant fields. The awards are designed to show young people that they do not have to be a fantastic sports person to work in sport, or a brilliant singer to work in the world of music and entertainment; as long as they are enthusiastic and committed, there is a range of opportunities that exist in each field.

Marketing the programme

Sky recognises that the key to the success of Reach For The Sky lies in Sky’s ability to communicate and deliver it to the key target audiences.

  • Primary target audience: all teens who will benefit directly from the programme.
  • Secondary target audience: parents who will benefit indirectly from the guidance received by their son/daughter.
  • Tertiary target audience: Sky Television employees.

Sky believes that through its efforts, each of these audiences will be more inclined to trust the brand and thus drive commercial purchases in the long term. Sky Television is targeting young people through advertising in teen magazines such as J17, Shoot and Bliss, in relevant radio slots such as the Capital Radio Revision Line and Atlantic 252 Revision Slots, as well as television announcements on MTV Select, Channel 5 Pepsi Chart Show and its own network of channels.

Parents are being targeted through television ads on Sky channels, print advertising in weekend newspaper supplements and Sky’s own magazine, Sky View. Sky is also marketing the initiative to traditional career markets such as teachers, youth workers and careers advisors who can help deliver the programme to large groups of young people.

Following the fifth golden rule of social marketing, Sky Television knew it was essential to both inform its employees and involve them in the Reach For The Sky programme. An internal communications campaign has made each member of staff aware of the programme, its aims and why Sky Television is investing in it. For further ‘hands on’ involvement, Sky Television employees will commit their time and expertise to act as mentors for the Reach For The Sky Awards in 2000.

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