Customers, process and people
A Standard Life case study

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Page 3: Processes and people

Standard Life 5 Image 3Some of Standard Life’s processes are directly concerned with external customers, such as sales, after sales services and product development. Some processes support the business internally, such as human resource management and systems development. Ownership for these processes has been allocated to specific senior managers.

Most changes were considered an enhancement of the existing process. Process enhancement teams were established and operated in an environment designed to combine minimum bureaucracy with maximum freedom, allowing the teams to implement agreed changes. Large and complex developments had a more formal structure and were handled as projects. The performance of processes was measured at various levels, the focus being on the way in which the work was done and the scope of further improvement.


In order to prepare for the changes at work that the company had envisaged, it needed to ensure its people possessed the awareness, understanding and skills required for all levels of involvement. A programme of workshops were held to cover the first stages and specifically addressed:

  • the leadership skills required to lead and promote change
  • the need to develop an understanding of teamwork and its increasing relevance to the way people work, as the company focuses on the enhancement of its processes
  • training in some of the skills required for solving problems
  • increasing awareness of its customers and learning to understand how it can better meet their expectations.

Standard Life | Customers, process and people