Using research and development to improve agricultural productivity
A Syngenta case study

Page 6: Conclusion

With the rapid growth in world populations and developing economies, there are increasing demands upon limited resources. This makes the need for research and development vital for effective sustainability.

Syngenta's approach is about providing sustainable solutions. At the centre of its approach to R&D is the use of science.  This creates knowledge and allows Syngenta to develop added-value products and services. Syngenta ensures that its business is able to respond to industry demands in a competitive world.

Syngenta's work also benefits society. Successful R&D programmes help Syngenta build its competitive advantage and benefit the next generation of farmers and consumers. Its developments have helped improve the lives of many rural communities around the world. Improvements in agricultural productivity enable farmers to live healthier, safer and more prosperous lives and provide consumers with cheap, high quality food.

Syngenta | Using research and development to improve agricultural productivity



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