Values into vision
A Syngenta case study

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Page 6: Conclusion

Syngenta 17 Image 4Syngenta is a creative organisation which combines its resources of technology, innovation and people skills to provide added value to many parts of the world. This process brings benefits to Syngenta's customers who enjoy best value for money in the products that they buy. It also brings benefit to Syngenta's shareholders who earn attractive rewards for their investment.

Syngenta’s world-leading position stems from the knowledge and innovative research that makes it distinctive. Capturing this know-how to deliver products that are outstanding in meeting growers' needs is the key challenge for Syngenta.

However, it is also important that Syngenta's values are delivered through the product. Those values are critical to its big strategic question: 'How do we increase yields without compromising environmental sustainability?' They equally apply to many smaller local questions such as: 'How do we help this small grower increase yields yet keep within budget?’

This is where Syngenta’s values really matter and become the foundations of its brand integrity. They are the hidden ingredient in its products and are the starting point for the global achievements of thousands of employees and growers.

Syngenta | Values into vision