Competitive advantage through diversity
A Tarmac case study

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Page 3: Diversity as a HR strategy

new-image-1Like any other business, Tarmac has to add value. While Tarmac is highly efficient in controlling its costs, the company's real achievement lies in offering customers something special. This comes through the strength of relationships, the quality of service, the ingenuity of solutions and the reliability of its staff and systems.

Recruiting, deploying and retaining the right people who can deliver this 'something special' is the task of the Human Resources (HR) department. Its work involves supplying and managing the human inputs that will fulfil Tarmac's overall mission:

To deliver the highest value from our resources for our customers, communities, employees and investors’.

Diversity and inclusion is now an essential part of this strategy.

The firm actively searches for staff in the widest possible labour pool. For example, it advertises job vacancies on the Equality Britain website. Once appointed, keeping staff motivated is the key to quality and productivity. Retaining employees is also important. Low staff turnover can reduce recruitment and training costs, but perhaps more importantly, results in an experienced and skilled workforce. By valuing the distinctive qualities that each worker brings to a job, Tarmac can generate a 'feel good factor' among employees. This gives them the confidence to add that extra value for each customer.

Tarmac’s stance on diversity also promotes family-friendly working patterns for both male and female employees as well as anti-bullying or harassment policies. This approach is supported by a commitment to training and development.

All employees receive core training to do their job effectively and safely. A full annual appraisal identifies personal goals and training needs. Tarmac offers a wide range of internal courses for all levels of staff. There are many opportunities to gain external qualifications including NVQs, BTECs and degrees.

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