Developing a Human Resource strategy
A Tarmac case study

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Page 2: Human Resource Management

A key element of Human Resource Management is to identify what level of human resources the business needs. This includes the skills and knowledge that will be required by the organisation both now and in the future. This is an integrated process as it involves looking at every area within an organisation. Tarmac constantly reviews all of its human resource needs.

For Tarmac, Human Resource Management is a strategic process. This is because it involves the whole business in planning for the future. Having the right skills and knowledge enables the business to meet its objectives and compete more effectively than its rivals.

Tarmac's vision is to 'achieve the exceptional'.  To deliver value to all its stakeholders, Tarmac created an integrated plan, which requires all employees to contribute in different ways. Tarmac helps all employees remember and focus on its five big goals by using the acronym 'DREAM'.

As Tarmac”s business is now much broader, it must keep developing its people. A key element of its plan is to 'engage employees' to use their energy and skills to improve the business. The HR management process provides the means to do this. For example, the HR department offers formal internal and external courses to give people training in key skills related to their current roles.

Engaging people takes many forms. Tarmac ensures that employees are motivated through:

  • clear and understandable objectives and targets
  • being helped to improve and acquire the skills, qualifications and training to do their jobs effectively
  • being recognised for their performance and rewarded accordingly.

A vital element of this drive to achieve the exceptional is ensuring that there are excellent communication systems in place. Without senior managers clearly sharing corporate objectives, employees would not know what they need to achieve or what skills they may have to acquire to meet these targets.

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