Involving employees in meeting corporate objectives
A Taylor Woodrow case study

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Page 2: The Taylor Woodrow way of working

Like people, organisations have distinguishing characteristics. These usually feature in an organisation's vision and culture.

An organisation's vision statement describes what it sets out to achieve. Such a statement needs to be:

  • believable
  • feasible
  • inspiring (to those involved in the company).

Taylor Woodrow? vision is:

'To be the leading developer of living and working environments in the UK and other chosen markets.'

An organisation's culture is the network of relationships and patterns of behaviour within the organisation - what the Americans refer to as 'the way we do things around here'.

Taylor Woodrow? culture is based on seeking:

'To ensure that its companies and employees continue to improve and develop in a culture of excellence'.

This places Human Resource Development at the centre of the company's culture.

Besides having a strong people focus to the way it operates, Taylor Woodrow also has a strong customer emphasis, and the teams of people working for the organisation continually strive to exceed customer expectations. Taylor Woodrow wants its customers to feel certain that they can rely on it to deliver products and services (e.g. a new house) at the agreed price and to the highest standard. Employees therefore play a key role in enhancing shareholder value to the benefit of the Group and its stakeholders.

Most of Taylor Woodrow's competitors are other large housebuilders. Its Unique Selling Point (USP) that sets it apart from rivals, is the skill base of its workforce and the fact that it can meet just about every engineering need from within the company.

A major problem facing UK housing and construction projects is a shortage of available greenfield sites at a time when demand for property continues to rise. A major strength of Taylor Woodrow is its expertise in developing complex brownfield sites (on reclaimed land that once might have been an industrial area) using integrated teams of specialists brought together for particular projects.

Brownfield site development includes remediation: the removal of toxic waste so that the environment is safe for people to live in. This is a highly complex operation. When working on these complex projects it is essential that the workforce is familiar with corporate objectives in order to enhance company performance and thus gain competitive advantage.

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