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A Tesco case study

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Page 3: Skills and behaviours

Tesco's purpose is to serve its customers.  Tesco's organisational structure has the customer at the top. Tesco needs people with the right skills at each level of this structure.  There are six work levels within the organisation. This gives a clear structure for managing and controlling the organisation.

Each level requires particular skills and behaviours.

  • Work level 1 - frontline jobs working directly with customers. Various in-store tasks, such as filling shelves with stock. Requires the ability to work accurately and with enthusiasm and to interact well with others.
  • Work level 2 - leading a team of employees who deal directly with customers. Requires the ability to manage resources, to set targets, to manage and motivate others.
  • Work level 3 - running an operating unit. Requires management skills, including planning, target setting and reporting.
  • Work level 4 - supporting operating units and recommending strategic change. Requires good knowledge of the business, the skills to analyse information and to make decisions, and the ability to lead others.
  • Work level 5 - responsible for the performance of Tesco as a whole. Requires the ability to lead and direct others, and to make major decisions.
  • Work level 6  - creating the purpose, values and goals for Tesco plc. Responsibility for Tesco”s performance. Requires a good overview of retailing, and the ability to build a vision for the future and lead the whole organisation.

Tesco has a seven-part framework that describes the key skills and behaviours for each job at every level in the company. This helps employees understand whether they have the right knowledge, skills or resources to carry out their roles.

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