The healthy eating brand
A Tesco case study

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Page 6: Conclusion

Tesco 2 Image 6In seeking to delight its customers, Tesco have recognised that there are many different groups of 'Healthy Eaters' with different needs and wants. They have therefore, wherever possible, responded to a segmented market by providing for the needs of a variety of types of healthy consumers from sports enthusiasts, to fashion conscious models, while at the same time serving the needs of pregnant women, diabetics and individuals with food allergies. For example, for diabetics, the nutrition information panels on all Tesco products show consumers where the fats and sugars are in foods in order to help them find high-fibre and low calorie products. Wines and beers have alcohol units on them to help consumers have a moderate intake. 'Healthy Eating' products are all reduced in fat, sugar and salt where appropriate.

The Tesco 'Healthy Eating' line therefore provides us with an excellent business case study in market consciousness and responding to consumer requirements as revealed through the antenna of market research. Tesco have identified major changes in lifestyles in the UK buying public and come up with a range of tailored 'Healthy Eating' products specially designed to meet individual requirements.

Tesco | The healthy eating brand