Delivering a business strategy
A TNT case study

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Page 4: Delivering the strategy

TNT segments its customers according to their requirements. For example, some customers provide the company with 'one off requests'. Others are major accounts regularly placing large orders. TNT responds to the needs of each of these customer groups in different ways and hopes for loyalty in return. The market is highly competitive and it is more cost-effective to keep repeat business than to generate new customers.

TNT's Customer Promise

TNT customer promise wheel

TNT monitors customer satisfaction through regular Customer Loyalty Measurements. TNT's Customer Promise is part of its key strategy to retain customers by delivering a superior customer experience. To back this up, the company has set out ten promises.

In practical terms, meeting customer requirements involves delivering to the right place, at the right time. TNT Express often carries many different types of goods for which on-time delivery is vital. This ranges from delivering blood supplies for the NHS to freshly-felled fir trees for Christmas.

Developing people

TNT recognises that its people are the foundation on which it builds its customer-focused strategy. It needs to have the right people and skills to deliver the promises it makes. The business is committed to staff development. It promotes around 70% of its managers from within the organisation, enabling people to have long-term careers. Nearly 500 staff have at least 25 years service each.

Man and Woman working on Laptop

One key factor in TNT's development of its people has involved training managers to become assessors and coaches of their teams. Through appraisals, managers find out what employees' needs and aspirations are as well as their strengths. Identifying skills gaps as well as who is aiming for promotion enables TNT to put together effective training programmes. All managers possess a great knowledge of the way TNT works and with training can pass on that knowledge to make new workers more effective, more quickly.

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