Delivering a business strategy
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Page 5: Strategic direction and strategic gaps

TNT Delivery VanTNT has high-quality people working within the organisation in many different roles. These range from the front-line distribution of parcels and documents to accounts, sales and marketing functions. However, in places, TNT may require additional skills to bridge the gap between its existing human resources and those required to implement the strategy fully. This is referred to as a strategic gap.

By developing its people, TNT ensures that it will have the capability to meet and implement quickly any necessary changes in its strategy. TNT is committed to minimising the environmental effects of its operations and conducting its business in a sustainable way. For example, it recognised the value the business could gain from making drivers more aware of methods of driving which would improve safety and efficiency. Drivers are therefore trained in SAFED (safe and fuel-efficient driving) techniques, earning certificates of competence.

Pioneering qualifications

Another element of TNT's strategic and innovative approach has been in the development of pioneering training qualifications with education providers. For example, students on the TNT Foundation degree with Hull College study on-the-job, at home and at college for nationally recognised degree-level qualifications. TNT also offers in-house a five-year apprenticeship programme for people under 22 years old, providing experience and relevant qualifications in vehicle maintenance.

These qualifications increase the skills and knowledge of employees, improving their ability to earn promotion and gain career advancement. The business benefits in terms of increased efficiency and cost savings. TNT's programmes enable new recruits quickly to bridge the gap between study (at school, college, or university) and work. This makes commercial sense for TNT as it ensures that its workforce is committed, motivated and able to deliver on the Customer Promise.

'No limits'

TNT branded aeroplanes being loaded on runway

TNT's philosophy is that there are no limits to how far the right talent can rise. For example, the recently retired Managing Director originally started out as a driver. Graduates joining TNT work on major projects across the company from the outset and often progress to management positions within five years. Such projects have included the Common Systems project. This involved implementing a new computer system for improving data entry across 50 different locations. This has reduced the time taken for data inputting significantly and has helped speed up service delivery.

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