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Page 5: Recognising the people behind the promise

Tnt 17 Image 8Employees are one of the most important resources a service organisation has and TNT’s ability to deliver its Customer Promise rests in its people. Effective organisations need engaged people who have the skills to deliver the company’s aims and objectives. This needs a two-way commitment. Employees need to be committed to the organisation; the organisation needs to support and reward its employees.

TNT recognises the contribution its people make in different ways. First, it invests in developing people, offering a variety of career options from driving to marketing. It carries out a training needs analysis for new employees. This assesses their existing skills and abilities in order to identify the training and development requirements that employees may have in order to carry out their current roles effectively. This also helps them to progress their career within TNT.

Training and development

TNT provides the training people need to do the job (learning the specific skills and knowledge required to work in the TNT way), as well as opportunities for personal development. TNT was one of the first 16 businesses to achieve Investors in People (IiP) status. This is an independently accredited standard awarded to organisations that demonstrate commitment to people development. Investing in people helps to increase customer satisfaction and leads to more business.

Tnt 17 Image 5TNT’s focus on enhancing people’s wider capabilities as preparation for future roles in the company leads to a ‘win-win’ situation. Employees gain from good jobs with prospects. The organisation gains from employing people who are able to promote its brand values and deliver exceptional service.  Developing people helps to ensure the company has the right skills in the workforce to improve performance today and grow the business tomorrow.

Examples of TNT’s training and development programmes include:

  • a foundation degree with Hull College – this is mapped to national qualifications and focuses on the logistics industry. This is a great example of workplace learning and bridges the gap between academic study and work
  • a foundation degree with Coventry University – this is mapped to national qualifications and focuses on management and leadership
  • a five-year apprenticeship programme for young people in vehicle maintenance - this ensures that TNT has the skills it needs to keep its fleet up to standard.

Reward and recognition

TNT people are recognised in other ways. Employees are encouraged to move between roles to learn more about the company. This form of job enrichment means employees experience variety at work and improve their skills in different areas.

TNT also offers the opportunity to develop and progress within the company. Around 70% of supervisory roles are filled internally. Graduates who start working for TNT are expected to take on management roles within five years. High performing teams and depots receive recognition and rewards through TNT’s awards schemes. TNT’s ‘Delivering More’ scheme rewards and recognises those employees who have gone beyond the call of duty. Over 4,000 awards are made each year.

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