The changing environment within the gas industry
A Transco case study

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Page 6: A matter of branding

The gas industry has undergone enormous change in recent years. The monopoly of the former British Gas has been broken. Instead of being restricted to one supplier, all gas consumers can choose from a number of companies from whom to buy their gas.

With so much change, there is understandably some confusion in the public mind as to who does what within the industry. Some people find it hard to move on from the idea of ‘the gas board’. Transco is keen for its various audiences to have a clear understanding of the role it plays in helping deliver gas across the country. With that in mind, it launched a £3.75 million nationwide advertising campaign using television, radio and the press.

The theme, ‘Transco, an essential British company, piping gas for you’, continues to be used in company advertising, along with a series of ‘We do, we don’t’ adverts which seek to emphasise that Transco pipes gas and runs the gas emergency service - but doesn’t sell gas, fit cookers, send gas bills or mend boilers. Regular surveys, carried out to track public awareness of Transco as a brand, demonstrate a steady rise.

Transco | The changing environment within the gas industry